In the past, Luca followed the most important events of sport and he solds his pictures to many newspapers and magazines. He was one of 38 italian photographers in FIFA World Cup Germany 2006.
The work of Luca Eugeni identifies itself in the research and in the choice of landscapes in which the presence of mankind is perceivable only through its traces and interventions. Also the most popular and tourist places take a different meaning thanks to the atmospheres without any time and space.
Luca Eugeni mainly takes his pictures in black and white because he believes the world, in which we live surrounded by colors, should be considered in its essence not forgetting to reach the heart of things.
Through the use of long time shoots and the research of symmetries, shapes and contrasts, the photographer recreates a place under a different point of view made of simple and abstracted figures. He chooses a square format in order to make the picture free of any kind of established influences.
He prefers cloudy, rainy and foggy weather conditions necessaries for deeper and more individual atmospheres. He mainly works during the sunrise or in the night, when the ambient is more quiet.
Luca Eugeni doesn’t look for fairy landscapes, but tries to find the beauty in them. According to him beautiful is everywhere and having the right inner eyes is enough to get in symbiosis with the subjects to represent.
His work ends in post-production or in the dark room, and this is the moment in which he gives to the photos his typical feature.
The beauty of his pictures springs to the author’s ability in creating marvel and wonder trough the representation of common subjects: the ruins of a jetty, a tree, a waterfall… sources to him of eternal beauty.
Concluding, the photography of Luca Eugeni is more a free interpretation of reality than a real representation of it. It is a deep story in which sometimes the author describes himself.
Luca teaches photography and postproduction and he is one of 28 people ADOBE CERTIFIED EXPERT LIGHTROOM in Italy.
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